Feds Disgraced! Oath Keepers Vindicated!


by Shari Dovale

The Democrat-Socialist Federal prosecutors, aka U.S. Department of Justice, have had a field day with the Antifa-led Capital riots on January 6th.

In their over-zealousness to project the blame to President Trump and his supporters, they humiliated themselves by claiming that Thomas Caldwell, a retired U.S. Navy officer from Virginia, was a leader in the group “Oath Keepers”.

They took this a step further and attempted to use Facebook messages sent to him as proof that he helped plan the Antifa-led breach of the Capital building.

Arguing that Caldwell was too dangerous to be released, he had been held for several weeks, along with 8 others that prosecutors claim were members of the organization.

Caldwell was released earlier this month to home detention pending trial with the judge admitting that the case against him was weak.

“There is an absence of direct evidence of planning by Mr. Caldwell to enter the Capitol building,” Mehta said. “There are no text messages, communications by him, that speak to entering a building or trying to enter the building. And ultimately, he did not enter the building.”

Now the prosecutors have had to backtrack and wipe the egg from their faces. Reuters reports:

Prosecutors now acknowledge that Caldwell was not even a dues-paying member of the Oath Keepers and that they lack evidence he ever entered the Capitol.

There also are questions about the Facebook messages. Caldwell’s lawyer said in a March 10 court filing those messages were sent by two men who were more than 60 miles (100 km) away at the time and had no connection to the Oath Keepers. The comments were apparently satirical, albeit “tasteless,” his lawyer said, and Caldwell never responded to them.

Prosecutors have made no references to these Facebook messages in subsequent indictments and court filings. The judge has since released Caldwell on home detention, saying: “There’s evidence here that I think is favorable to Mr. Caldwell.”

Caldwell has pleaded not guilty.

The Conservative Treehouse has an excellent report on the case, citing that it seems that the DOJ “never actually intended to win any of these cases, but rather wanted to advance a political narrative about extremists through their earlier statements.”

“The approach of building a political narrative through false accusations and over-charging in the DOJ is the essence of Lawfare. The government has endless taxpayer resources to fuel their political weaponization of the judiciary.”

And for all the other Marxists Media that jumped on this false flag, maybe next time you should look for the facts before you also need to clean your shoes from what you stepped into.

First posted at REDOUBT NEWS

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