7-5-21 Morning Prayer, God is my Strength

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Good morning Oath Keepers. I hope everyone had an awesome independence day!! 

Morning Prayer,

"Heavenly Father I want thank you for this beautiful country that you have given us. When I look around I can see your majesty in all around me. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to be born in the greatest country in the world. Lord I believe with all my heart that the USA was founded on you. I believe that the constitution and bill of rights was  ordained by you. I ask you Father for strength, strength to never lose sight of the gift you have given us, Freedom!! May we always and forever stand up for freedom of religion, the right of free speech, the right to choose Lord Jesus. Father when I was growing up I never thought I would see the day when I would turn on the news and see stories written that mock our independence day, but this morning unfortunately that is what I saw. Jesus I pray for strength to stand up against the evil in our country.  Strength to speak out against the tyrants who want to teach critical race theory in our schools, who want to indoctrinate our children. Strength to stand up against the evil of transgenderism and all the ism's. Strength to speak up against abortions, the killing of your children in the name of women's health. Strength to stand up and freely say that our country the United States of America was founded on you GOD!! that our country was founded for the people and should  be run by the people putting you first in all things. Strength to back our Godly leaders and teach our families, friends and strangers the truth of what Satan is doing to this world. Strength to fall to my knees and give it all to you Lord Jesus. Strength to go against the grain and speak up preaching your love for us and the sacrifice that you made on the cross. Lord Jesus please give me strength with every breathe I take to make my life have meaning for you. May my life that you have given me Jesus have purpose. When I stand in front of you on the day of judgement may you look at me and say welcome good and faithful servant. I love your Lord Jesus with all my heart, mind and soul. Thank you for your never ending love for us in your precious name Jesus I pray AMEN!!

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